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標題: A disposable non-enzymatic histamine sensor based on the nafion-coated copper phosphate electrodes for estimation of fish freshness
作者: Ming-Yuan Lee
Ching-Chou Wu
Megawati Intan Sari
Yu-Han Hsieh
關鍵字: Histamine;Copper phosphate;Nafion coating;Freshness
Project: Electrochimica Acta, Volume 283, 1 September 2018, Pages 772-779
Histamine is an important index for the estimation of allergic reaction and food freshness. This study develops a single-step dipping and coating method to fast produce an electrochemical histamine sensor based on a nafion-coated copper phosphate (Cu3(PO4)2)-dominated electrode. The flake-like Cu3(PO4)2 nanostructures can be fast formed on Cu-electrodeposited screen printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs) within 20 min. Moreover, the 1% nafion-coated Cu3(PO4)2/SPCEs presented good selectivity for the detection of histamine in the pH 8.5 solution. The nafion/Cu3(PO4)2/SPCEs can be integrated with a flow-injection device for the detection of histamine with a good correlation coefficient (R = 0.999) in the range of 5–500 ppm. The calculated limit of detection was 3.0 ppm. Moreover, the histamine concentration of 45 h-rotten fish samples detected by the nafion/Cu3(PO4)2/SPCEs had a less than 10% deviation from that measured by the commercialized liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy. The nafion/Cu3(PO4)2/SPCEs have great promise for estimating the freshness of fish meat without expensive separation equipment and labor-intensive labeling procedures.
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2018.05.148
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