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標題: Engineered C-S Bond Construction
作者: Lee, Chin-Fa
Basha, R Sidick
Badsara, Satpal Singh
關鍵字: Aryl and alkyl halide;Chemo-selective;Cross-coupling;Disulfide;Regio-selective;Thioesters;Thioethers;Thiol;Transition-metal catalysis
Project: Topics in current chemistry (Cham), Volume 376, Issue 3, Page(s) 25.
Due to the versatile applications of thioethers and thioesters in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, and materials science, recently the construction of C-S bonds has emerged as the forefront in the field of cross-coupling reactions. Enough progress has been made in this direction by using both metal catalysis and other alternative processes. A brief review of the recent developments in the area of C-S coupling reaction is described.
ISSN: 2365-0869
DOI: 10.1007/s41061-018-0203-6
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