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標題: Orthogonally additive and multiplicative maps between Figá-Talamanca–Herz algebras
作者: Ya-Shu Wang
關鍵字: Figá-Talamanca–Herz algebras;Homogeneous polynomials;Completely bounded maps;Orthogonally additive;Zero product preserving
Project: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Volume 459, Issue 2, 15 March 2018, Pages 1222-1232
We study the structure of an n-homogeneous polynomial P:A_p(G_1)->A_p(G_2) between Figá-Talamanca–Herz algebras. Among other results, we show that there exist a proper affine map α:Y⊂ G_2->G_1 defined in an open coset Y of G_2 such that P(f)(y)=f(α(y))^n, ∀f∈A_p(G_1),y∈Y
when the locally compact groups G_1,G_2 are amenable and P is p-completely contractive, orthogonally additive and multiplicative, and preserves a right identity of A_p(G_1).
其他識別: 10.1016/j.jmaa.2017.11.040
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