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標題: Ag8SnS6: a new IR solar absorber material with a near optimal bandgap
作者: Patsorn Boon-on
Belete Asefa Aragaw
Chun-Yen Lee
Jen-Bin Shi
Ming-Way Lee
Project: RSC Adv., 2018,8, 39470-39476
We report the synthesis and photovoltaic properties of a new ternary solar absorber – Ag8SnS6 nanocrystals prepared by successive ionic layer adsorption reaction (SILAR) technique. The synthesized Ag8SnS6 nanocrystals have a bandgap Eg of 1.24–1.41 eV as revealed from UV-Vis and external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements. Its photovoltaic properties were characterized by assembling a liquid-junction Ag8SnS6 sensitized solar cell for the first time. The best cell yielded a Jsc of 9.29 mA cm−2, a Voc of 0.23 V, an FF of 31.3% and a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 0.64% under 100% incident light illumination using polysulfide electrolyte and Au counter electrode. The efficiency improved to 1.43% at a reduced light intensity of 10% sun. When the polysulfide was replaced by a cobalt electrolyte with a lower redox level, the Voc increased to 0.54 V and PCE increased to 2.29% under 0.1 sun, a respectable efficiency for a new solar material. The EQE spectrum covers the spectral range of 300–1000 nm with a maximum EQE of 77% at λ = 600 nm. The near optimal Eg and the respectable photovoltaic performance suggest that Ag8SnS6 nanocrystals have potential to be an efficient IR solar absorber.
DOI: 10.1039/c8ra08734b
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