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標題: Analysis of Syngas Production from Biogas via the Tri-Reforming Process
作者: Rei-Yu Chein
Wen-Hwai Hsu
關鍵字: biogas;tri-reforming process;syngas;methane and carbon dioxide conversion;hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio;first-law/second-law efficiency
Project: Energies, Volume 11, Issue 5, 10.3390/en11051075
The tri-reforming process was employed for syngas production from biogas at elevated pressures in this study. In the tri-reforming process, air and water were added simultaneously as reactants in addition to the main biogas components. The effects of various operating parameters such as pressure, temperature and reactant composition on the reaction performance were studied numerically. From the simulated results, it was found that methane and carbon dioxide conversions can be enhanced and a higher hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio can be obtained by increasing the amount of air. However, a decreased hydrogen yield could result due to the reverse water–gas shift reaction. A higher level of methane conversion and hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio can be obtained with increased water addition. However, negative carbon dioxide conversion could result due to the water–gas shift and reverse carbon dioxide methanation reactions. The dry reforming reaction resulting in positive carbon dioxide conversion can only be found at a high reaction temperature. For all cases studied, low or negative carbon dioxide conversion was found because of carbon dioxide production from methane oxidation, water–gas shift, and reverse carbon dioxide methanation reactions. It was found that carbon dioxide conversion can be enhanced in the tri-reforming process by a small amount of added water. It was also found that first-law efficiency increased with increased reaction temperature because of higher hydrogen and carbon monoxide yields. Second-law efficiency was found to decrease with increased temperature because of higher exergy destruction due to a more complete chemical reaction at high temperatures.
DOI: 10.3390/en11051075
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