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標題: Effect of Catalyst Supports on Water‐Gas Shift Reaction at Ultrahigh Temperatures Using Syngas
作者: Rei-Yu Chein
Chien-Min Fang
Yau-Ping Chyou
Shih-Hsien Chang
關鍵字: Catalyst support;CO conversion;H2 yield;Thermal stability;Water‐gas shift reaction
Project: Chemical Engineering Technology, Volume 41, Issue 7, Pages 1390-1397
Monometallic and bimetallic catalysts (Pt, Ni, and Pt‐Ni) with single support (Al2O3, TiO2) and composite support (CeO2/Al2O3, CeO2/TiO2) were prepared and tested for water‐gas shift reaction in a tubular quartz reactor. Syngas and steam with different steam‐to‐carbon ratios served as feedstock. The operating pressure was fixed while the reaction temperature was varied. The measured results indicated that the monometallic Ni/Al2O3 catalyst exhibits the lowest CO conversion and H2 yield as compared with other catalysts. About the same CO conversion can be obtained from Pt and Pt‐Ni catalysts with single or composite support. However, higher H2 yield can be achieved from the TiO2‐supported catalyst compared with those supported by Al2O3. The experimental data also indicated that good thermal stability can be reached for the Pt‐based catalysts studied.
DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201700223
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