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標題: ZIF-67 supported on marcoscale resin as an efficient and convenient heterogeneous catalyst for Oxone activation
作者: Chang-Hsun Wu
Wan-Chu Yun
Thomas Wi-Afedzi
Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
關鍵字: Catalyst;Macrosphere;Oxone;Resin;Rhodamine B;Zeolitic imidazolte frameworks
Project: Journal of colloid and interface science, Volume 514, Page(s) 262-271.
While metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are promising catalysts for aqueous chemical oxidation, MOFs are typically prepared to be nanoscale and thus less practical for solution-based reactions. Although a few attempts have developed substrate-supported MOFs, many of them are still small and none of them are developed for sulfate-radical based chemical oxidation. However, there is still an urgent demand for developing substrate-supported MOFs which are catalytically effective, conveniently prepared, and simply recyclable. In this study, a macrosphere-supported MOF is successfully fabricated using ion exchange resins as readily available, stable and functionalized macrospheres. Via equilibrating resins with 2-MIM and cobalt ions sequentially, a cobalt-based MOF, zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) nanocrystal, is grown on the resin surface via self-assembly. The resulting composite of ZIF "at" resin (abbreviated as ZIF@R) can preserve porous structures and metal coordination of ZIF-67, and also convenient features of resins, making it an advantageous heterogeneous catalyst for activating Oxone in water. As Rhodamine B (RhB) decolorization is employed as a model test for evaluating Oxone activation, ZIF@R is confirmed not only to activate Oxone for full decolorization of RhB but also to exhibit a much higher catalytic activity than Co3O4, the most typical catalyst for Oxone. ZIF@R could be also re-used to activate Oxone for RhB decolorization without activity loss. These results indicate that ZIF@R is a conveniently prepared and highly effective and stable macroscale catalyst for aqueous chemical oxidation reactions.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2017.11.053
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