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標題: Bendable InGaN Light-Emitting Nanomembranes with Tunable Emission Wavelength
作者: Lin, Chia-Feng
Su, Chun-Lung
Wu, Han-Ming
Chen, Yi-Yun
Huang, Bo-Song
Huang, Kuan-Lin
Shieh, Bing-Cheng
Liu, Heng-Jui
Han, Jung
關鍵字: InGaN;bendable devices;electrochemical etching process;light emitting diodes;nanomembranes
Project: ACS applied materials & interfaces, Volume 10, Issue 43, Page(s) 37725-37731.
The integration of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into the flexible devices has exhibited a great potential in the next-generation consumer electronics. In this study, we have demonstrated an exfoliated InGaN nanomembrane LED (NM-LED) separated from a GaN/sapphire substrate through an electrochemically wet etching process. The peak wavelengths blue-shifted phenomenon of the photoluminescence (PL) and the electroluminescence spectra were observed on the free-standing NM-LED compared to the nontreated LED with the same structure, which can be ascribed to the partial strain relaxation of the LED structure confirmed by the Raman spectra and the X-ray diffraction curves. A small divergent angle of the PL emission light has also been observed on the NM-LED. Moreover, the peak emission wavelength of this NM-LED can be even modulated from a red shift (521.7 nm) to a blue shift (500.4 nm) compared with that of the flat state (509.4 nm) while being curved convexly from top p-GaN:Mg side to bottom n-GaN:Si side. Our study provides an elegant way to develop a bendable light source with variable emission wavelengths through the mechanical deformation method.
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b14506
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