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標題: Stress-enhanced Cu-to-Cu Bonding for MEMS Packaging
作者: Jenn-Ming Song
Sin-Yong Liang
Zong-Yu Xie
Po-Hao Chiang
Shang-Kun Huang
Ying-Ta Chiu
David Tarng
Chih-Pin Hung
Jing-Yuan Lin
關鍵字: MEMS packaging;Cu-to-Cu bonding;air plasma bombardment;formic acid vapor
Project: Sensors and Materials, Volume 30, Number 12(2)
To replace Al–Ge eutectic bonding, low-temperature direct Cu-to-Cu bonding was developed in this study. Lattice distortion and thus a hardened Cu subsurface conducted by air plasma bombardment, instead of surface activation, contributed to a compressive residual stress component and an accelerated Cu atom diffusion. This gave rise to a significant improvement in direct Cu bonding strength. Subjected to 3-min plasma exposure and the following deoxidation treatment using catalyzed formic acid vapor, robust Cu-to-Cu bonding with the joint strength up to 31.7 MPa can be achieved when bonded at 250 ℃ for 5 min under a loading pressure of 10 MPa in N2.
DOI: 10.18494/SAM.2018.1948
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