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標題: Prediction of springback and residual stress of a beam/plate subjected to three-point bending
作者: Quang Khoa Dang
Pei-Lun Chang
Shih-Kang Kuo
Dung-An Wang
關鍵字: springback;residual stress;three-point bending;beam;plate
Project: Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures
A model for prediction of springback and residual stress distribution of a beam/plate subjected to three-point bending and reverse bending is developed based on a mechanical-geometrical approach. A converged solution that satisfies both the Euler–Bernoulli beam theory and the geometrical constraints is obtained by a recursive scheme. The model can be applied to bending/unbending analyses of plates when the beam bending approaches a plane strain condition. Springback and residual stress distribution of a plate is predicted quite accurately by the model as verified by finite element analyses and experiments. Accuracy of springback and residual stress prediction of the model is examined with consideration of various geometry parameters of the beam and the fulcrum/support cylinders. The goal of this investigation is to develop an accurate and efficient model to predict the profile and residual stress of plates curved by bending in the postyield range. The developed model can serve as a unit cell of a more sophisticated model for leveling analyses of metal plates as multiple rollers are involved.
DOI: 10.2140/jomms.2018.13.421
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