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標題: Asynchronous-Symmetric Channel-Hopping Sequences Over Prime Field for Cognitive Radio Networks
作者: Ming-Hsuan Chiang
Guu-Chang Yang
Chih-Feng Chiang
Wing C. Kwong
關鍵字: Silicon;Time-frequency analysis;Cognitive radio;Electronic mail;Receivers;Indexes
Project: IEEE Communications Letters, Volume 22, Issue 3, Page(s) 618-621
In this letter, two families of asynchronous-symmetric channel-hopping (CH) sequences over prime field are constructed. With straightforward construction algorithms, they provide a flexible balance between adjustable cardinality, full degree-of-rendezvous, and short maximum-time-to-rendezvous (MTTR) for practical cognitive radio networks. These CH sequences have smaller rendezvous-success-rate variance than their counterparts, thus supporting a more stable and uniform rendezvous process. As secondary users cannot transmit in channels occupied by primary (licensed) users, the average MTTR of these CH sequences is analyzed under a random channel-replacement method.
DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2017.2787110
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