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標題: Contention Resolution Mechanisms for Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
作者: Yi-Tang Wang
Guu-Chang Yang
Min-Kuan Chang
Wing C. Kwong
關鍵字: Receivers;Cognitive radio;Internet of Things;Measurement;Media;Ad hoc networks
Project: IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 56, Issue 4, 149-155
In this article, the channel hopping (CH) method for the rendezvous process of secondary users in multi-channel CRAHNs is overviewed. With the evolution of the Internet of Things, design criteria of CH sequences targeting these applications are discussed. While channel collision among CH sequences is inherent in realistic CRAHNs, most prior works focused on sequence designs without addressing the channel collision problem. Hence, the concept of contention resolution in CRAHNs is introduced in this article, and a "multi-round" contention resolution mechanism is studied. To quantify the performance, the RS rate of the mechanism is presented and validated with computer simulation. Finally, the rendezvous time savings, which, in turn, can enhance data throughput, of the multi-round mechanism over a single-round one are investigated.
DOI: 10.1109/MCOM.2018.1700705
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