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標題: Novel Turbo Receiver for MU‐MIMO SC‐FDMA System
作者: Hung‐Sheng Wang
Fang‐Biau Ueng
Yu‐Kuan Chang
關鍵字: Chained turbo estimation;Chained turbo equalization;MU‐MIMO;SC‐FDMA
Project: ETRI Journal
Single carrier‐frequency‐division multiple access (SC‐FDMA) has been adopted as the uplink transmission standard in fourth‐generation cellular networks to facilitate power efficiency transmission in mobile stations. Because multiuser multiple‐input multiple‐output (MU‐MIMO) is a promising technology employed to fully exploit the channel capacity in mobile radio networks, this study investigates the uplink transmission of MU‐MIMO SC‐FDMA systems with orthogonal space‐frequency block codes (SFBCs). It is preferable to minimize the length of the cyclic prefix (CP). In this study, the chained turbo equalization technique with chained turbo estimation is employed in the designed receiver. Chained turbo estimation employs a short training sequence to improve the spectrum efficiency without compromising the estimation accuracy. In this paper, we propose a novel and spectrally efficient iterative joint‐channel estimation, multiuser detection, and turbo equalization for an MU‐MIMO SC‐FDMA system without CP‐insertion and with short TR. Some simulation examples are presented for the uplink scenario to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
DOI: 10.4218/etrij.2017-0198
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