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標題: The Study of the Microstructure and Characterization of theAluminum Oxide Deposited on PES Substrate by RadioFrequency Magnetron Reactive Sputtering
作者: 粘登凱
關鍵字: Aluminum Oxide;氧化鋁
出版社: 材料工程學系所
In this study, AlOx thin films were deposited on polyethersulfone (PES) by means of reactive RF magnetron sputtering equipped with a pure Al target in Ar/N2 atmosphere, under fixed working pressure, substrate bias and different oxygen flow, deposition time and RF power, in order to observe the influence of different working conditions to Al2O3 films.precisely adjusting the RF power (200 W、250 W、300 W、350 W、400 W) and oxygen flow rate (1 sccm、3 sccm、5 sccm、7 sccm), as well as controlling the sputtering time, a fixed and uniform thickness of AlOx films would be created. According to the results of the experiments, the minimum WVTR values of the films was 13.8 g/m2-day, under sputtering power 400 W and oxygen flow 7 sccm. Under the sputtering power of 400 W, it''s revealed that the aluminum oxide films of the oxygen flow rate of 1 sccm are denser than that of the flow rate of 7 sccm. The voids of the thin films are thought to be related to oxygen plasma etching and atomic self-shadowing effect. The more the deposition time and oxygen flow increases, the less the optical transmittance of films decreases.

本實驗利用反應性射頻磁控濺鍍的技術,以純鋁靶為靶材通入氧氣產生反應來製備氧化鋁薄膜,並沉積在聚醚碸(polyethersulfone, 簡稱PES)塑膠基材上。固定工作壓力及基材偏壓,改變通入氧流量、射頻功率以及沉積時間等實驗參數,討論對氧化鋁薄膜的影響。本實驗所改變製程參數分別為射頻功率(200 W、250 W、300 W、350 W、400 W)及通入氧氣流量(1 sccm、3 sccm、5 sccm、7 sccm)。並且調整沉積時間使薄膜厚定固定為40 nm。由實驗的分析結果顯示,射頻功率為250 W 通入氧氣流量為7 sccm 所製備的氧化鋁薄膜,得到其最佳水氣穿透值為13.8g/m2-day。固定射頻功率400 W 通入氧氣流量分別為1 sccm 及7 sccm,觀察到通入氧氣流量1 sccm 比通入氧氣流量7 sccm 時所製備的氧化鋁薄膜來得緻密。氧氣原子的蝕刻塑膠基材的現象,再加沉積時發生自我陰影效應,造成氧化鋁沉積於PES 上呈現多孔狀。隨著沉積時間增加。光穿透率下降,而通入氧流量的上升也降低薄膜的透光率。
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