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標題: A survey of recent unusual high-resolution DNA structures provoked by mismatches, repeats and ligand binding
作者: Satange, Roshan
Chang, Chung-Ke
Hou, Ming-Hon
關鍵字: DNA;Imidazoles;Ligands;Metals, Heavy;Nucleic Acid Conformation;Nucleotides;Nylons;Pyrroles;Tandem Repeat Sequences;Base Pair Mismatch
Project: Nucleic acids research, Volume 46, Issue 13, Page(s) 6416-6434.
The structure of the DNA duplex is arguably one of the most important biological structures elucidated in modern history. DNA duplex structure is closely associated with essential biological functions such as DNA replication and RNA transcription. In addition to the classical A-, B- and Z-DNA conformations, DNA duplexes are capable of assuming a variety of alternative conformations depending on the sequence and environmental context. A considerable number of these unusual DNA duplex structures have been identified in the past decade, and some of them have been found to be closely associated with different biological functions and pathological conditions. In this manuscript, we review a selection of unusual DNA duplex structures, particularly those originating from base pair mismatch, repetitive sequence motifs and ligand-induced structures. Although the biological significance of these novel structures has not yet been established in most cases, the illustrated conformational versatility of DNA could have relevance for pharmaceutical or nanotechnology development. A perspective on the future directions of this field is also presented.
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gky561
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