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標題: The Influence of Pre-Exercise Glucose versus Fructose Ingestion on Subsequent Postprandial Lipemia
作者: Yang, Tsung-Jen
Chiu, Chih-Hui
Tseng, Mei-Hui
Chang, Cheng-Kang
Wu, Ching-Lin
關鍵字: fat oxidation;glycemic index;high-density lipoprotein;oral fat tolerance test;triacylglycerol;Blood Glucose;Cholesterol;Cross-Over Studies;Double-Blind Method;Exercise Test;Fatty Acids, Nonesterified;Fructose;Glucose;Glycemic Index;Glycerol;Humans;Hyperlipidemias;Insulin;Male;Meals;Oxygen Consumption;Triglycerides;Young Adult;Exercise;Postprandial Period
Project: Nutrients, Volume 10, Issue 2
Ingestion of low glycemic index (LGI) carbohydrate (CHO) before exercise induced less insulin response and higher fat oxidation than that of high GI (HGI) CHO during subsequent exercise. However, the effect on the subsequent postprandial lipid profile is still unclear. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate ingestion of CHO drinks with different GI using fructose and glucose before endurance exercise on the subsequent postprandial lipid profile. Eight healthy active males completed two experimental trials in randomized double-blind cross-over design. All participants ingested 500 mL CHO (75 g) solution either fructose (F) or glucose (G) before running on the treadmill at 60% VO₂max for 1 h. Participants were asked to take an oral fat tolerance test (OFTT) immediately after the exercise. Blood samples were obtained for plasma and serum analysis. The F trial was significantly lower than the G trial in TG total area under the curve (AUC; 9.97 ± 3.64 vs. 10.91 ± 3.56 mmol × 6 h/L; p = 0.033) and incremental AUC (6.57 ± 2.46 vs. 7.14 ± 2.64 mmol/L × 6 h, p = 0.004). The current data suggested that a pre-exercise fructose drink showed a lower postprandial lipemia than a glucose drink after the subsequent high-fat meal.
DOI: 10.3390/nu10020149
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