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標題: The study of laser induced amorphous silicon thin films crystallization
作者: 陳建璋
Chen, Jan-Chang
關鍵字: amorphous silicon;非晶矽;poly-silicon;laser induced crystallization;Ion Beam Sputtering;多晶矽;雷射誘發結晶;離子束濺鍍
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
The poly-si films have been employed in fabrication of TFT-LCD to improve the electronic property of amorphous silicon. The large size grain boundaries and less lattice defects in poly-silicon films remarkably up grade the TFT characteristics, such as sub-threshold voltage, mobility and leakage current.
Now, various technologies are used to obtain poly-silicon thin films including the conspicuous method - laser induced crystallization of a-silicon. In this research, the poly-silicon films were obtained by similar laser annealing method using (Nd:YAG) laser. However, the initial silicon films were deposited by ion beam sputtered a-silicon technology. The structure of poly-silicon films were studied with various deposition conditions and annealing conditions. The high quality large grain poly-silicon films are obtained using the high voltage (800 V) ion beam to sputter silicon on the capped PECVD SiO2 layer and laser annealed with energy 225mj/cm, scanning speed of 0.6mm/sec.The properly control of the heat dissipation during the sputtering and annealing is the major technique to control the grain size in this research.

現今製作多晶矽薄膜的技術有很多種,其中以雷射誘發非晶矽再結晶的方法最受大家注目。在本研究中是使用離子束濺鍍系統(ion beam sputtering)於玻璃基板上先沈積一層非晶矽薄膜,然後以控制雷射能量、掃瞄速率、基板的溫度、二氧化矽層影響等方式,來探討經Nd:YAG雷射誘發後的多晶矽結構。
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