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標題: 河溪環境友善量化評估-以大興溪魚類棲地適合度為例
Simulation and Evaluation of Habitat Suitability Index for Fish: Example of Dashin Village in Hualien County
作者: 陳淑媛
Shu-Yuan Chen
Jui-Min Kuo
Yu-Lien Sung
Tung-Jer Hu
Yu-Jen Chou
關鍵字: 水理模式;棲地適合度;數值地形;Hydraulic model;habitat suitability index;digital surface model
Project: 中華水土保持學報, Volume 50, Issue 3, Page(s) 116-123
生態檢核為目前水保局推動的重要政策,但如何評估量化的生態成效未有定論,本研究以大興溪河段為例,說明如何以二維水理模式進行魚類棲地適合度計算,用以量化評估改善前、完工後的棲地狀態,並建議完工後應進行河道復舊。進行研究範圍的選擇並進行空拍,施工前與完工後各空拍一次,進行魚類調查,藉由魚類的種類與數量進行重要值分析,用以輔助選擇目標魚種並蒐集該物種的流速水深適合度曲線,將空拍相片以軟體解算輸出數值地形,設定模擬範圍進行數值地形切割,進行二維水理模式模擬,包含施工前與完工後,兩種流量(1.0、5.0 cms),計算出數值格點的流速水深,再由重要值計算選出的臺灣白甲魚流速水深適合度曲線,推算棲地適合度,再進行克利金空間內插分析,得二維的棲地適合度空間分布,並選擇呈現棲地適合度大於等於0.6的範圍,並推估其大小,藉以量化改善工程對魚類棲地的影響。

This study determined the habitat suitability index (HSI) for fish by using a two-dimensional hydraulic model. The segment of a river at Dashin Village was simulated. The first step was to identify the fish species, calculate the importance relative index (IRI), and select the target species. An unmanned aerial vehicle (Mavic pro) was then employed to obtain photographs and output orthophotos and digital surface models. Next, the velocity and depth of the surface before and after construction were simulated, and the HSI of the fish (Taiwan shovel-jaw carp) was calculated. Finally, the Kriging method was employed to interpolate the distribution of the HSI, and the area size before and after improving the engineering was evaluated.
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