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標題: 比較分析聖經與荷馬史詩中「轉向」之敘述
On the Theme of Redirection in the Bible and Homer's Epics
作者: 張玉燕
Yu-yen Chang
關鍵字: 轉向;聖經;荷馬史詩;困頓;領悟;不可思議;Redirection;Bible;Homer's Epics;Aporia;Theoria;Wonder
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 62, Page(s) 65-84

This paper attempts to cast a new light on the four narratives in Luke 15.11-24, Genesis 31:1-7, Iliad 24.477-84 and Odyssey 24.226-34, all of which epitomize the representation of the critical moment of redirection, return, repentance and/or homecoming in the Bible and Homer's epics. For an individual like the prodigal son, Jacob, Achilles, and Odysseus, travelling is a process of self-discovery, a transformation from aporia to theoria or a pursuit of the Divine Form of life, which, albeit with variations and stories, can articulate a universal and time-honored concern for all human beings. The focus of this paper is particularly on the critical moment when an insight pops into a traveler's mind-a moment that simultaneously visualizes the complexity of theo- , including the concepts of theatre, theory, and theodicy. For a traveler with an inspiration to theoria or the ultimate knowledge as Classic Greek philosophy elucidates, the turning point from there to here, from foreign land to native land, from other to self, and the like, are moments of wonder in many ways: first, the theatre where the eye contacts from outside to inside is aesthetically a move towards reflection upon one's perspective; second, such a transformation amounts to a new pathway for a cognitive framework; third, the redirection which involves a restructure of one's relationship with others results in an ethical scrutiny on what is taken for granted; and fourth, the flash of new hope is itself marvelous in that a great momentum drives life into the eternal goal and divine mission. All in all, though via different detours, these four accounts substantiate that each individual traveler has been trapped in certain conundrums and, all of a sudden, magically encounters a moment of wonder, which prompts the new hopeful homeward journey. In brief, both Homer's epics and the Bible skillfully depict the inscrutable and divine scenario of redirection by integrating it into diversified narratives and stories.
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