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dc.contributor.authorWei-En Tanen_US
dc.description.abstractThe primary function of Level-of-Analysis is to provide IR scholars with relatively clear guidelines to clarify and analyze the key variables that affect foreign policies decided by states. However, current literature is unable to offer a satisfying answer to under what circumstances or in what way the combination arranged between theories, level-of-analysis, and issue areas that empowers an IR theory with more explanatory power. Instead, it remains obscure during the debates among different IR theories or among different schools within a theory. Through qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) as a method, this article categorizes the case of territorial contestation as a traditional security issue and the case of trade dispute as a non-traditional security issue based on their attributes. Furthermore, the differences between states in terms of power are taken into consideration. By doing so, this article contributes some explanations that are more specific and more precise than those of the existing studies. The research finding shows that theory which emphasizes impacts of preference on states' foreign policies is a better option for studying issues about economy and trade. It also points out that the domestic politics of small states can only be able to explain their own certain foreign policies but unable to affect great powers' foreign policies. By contrast, the domestic politics of great powers, especially their preferences at domestic level, provide relatively accurate explanations and predictability. Namely, not only can they help IR scholars get a better picture of great powers' foreign policy behavior, they can also explain the impact of great powers' foreign policies on small states.en_US
dc.relation全球政治評論, Issue 68, Page(s) 67-92zh_TW
dc.subjectTerritorial Contestationen_US
dc.subjectTrade Disputeen_US
dc.subjectState Behavioren_US
dc.titleResearch on the Correlation between Theories, Level-of-Analysis, and Issue Areas: From Territorial Contestation to Trade Disputeen_US
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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