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標題: A Study of the Microstructure and Properties of Ti/TiN Multilayers Prepared by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
作者: 許政群
關鍵字: multilayer;多層膜;titanium nitride;magnetron sputtering;microstructure;氮化鈦;磁控濺鍍;微結構
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
奈米壓痕量測的結果,氮化鈦薄膜的硬度為24.36 GPa,鈦薄膜的硬度為7.28 GPa,而不同週期多層膜之硬度均介於氮化鈦與鈦之間,鈦層與氮化鈦層的厚度比例影響多層膜的硬度。壓痕試驗的結果發現各組試片均為附著性良好之HF1形式。而以刮痕試驗量測附著性時,因為影響刮痕試驗的因素過多,不容易由刮痕形貌判斷各組試片附著性之優劣。

In recent years, Ti/TiN multilayers have drawn great attention in many sectors of industry. It was reported that multulayers with a suitable period can improve the characteristics of TiN films, including increases in hardness, adhesion, corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance. In this study, five types of Ti/TiN multilayers with different period were prepared by a unbalanced magnetron (UBM) sputtering system, and their properties were compared with Ti and TiN single layers. Hardness of the multilayers was measured by a nano-indentation test, and adhesion was evaluated by Rockwell and scratch tests. Besides, the microstructure and composition were analyzed by XRD, SEM, TEM and AFM.
The hardness of TiN and Ti single layers was mesured to be 24.36 GPa and 7.28 GPa, respectively by nano-indentation. The hardness of the Ti/TiN multilayers lies between that of TiN and Ti single layers, and depends upon the thickness ratio of Ti to TiN. The adhesion test indicates that all specimens have good adherence and belong to HF1 type.
From the XRD analysis, it shows that all the Ti/TiN multilayers are composed of Ti and TiN phases and exhibit TiN(111) preferred orientation. The multilayer structure can reduce the surface roughness of the specimens, as observed by plan-view SEM and AFM investigations. It is also found by cross-sectional TEM that the growth of columnar structure as well as cracks can be suppressed by the multilayer structure.
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