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標題: 中國大陸在非洲大陸投資的政治風險:從內戰的角度評析,1980-2014年
The Political Risk of China's Investment in Africa: The Civil War Perspective, 1980-2014
作者: 張文揚 
Wen-Yan Chang 
關鍵字: 中國;非洲;能源;內戰;政治風險;China;African;Energy;Civil War;Political Risk
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 69, Page(s) 93-123 

The main purpose of this paper is to discuss if China's investment in Africa encounters a high likelihood of political risk. It argues that China's investment in Africa may face several kinds of political risks, and civil war is the most severe one. To be more specific, it further argues that the soundness of the economic system affects African countries' political stability, causing a negative impact on investment efficiency, and increasing the uncertainty of China's investment. This paper will offer possible solutions for economic system reform to handle the aforementioned issues, and how may China and other countries avoid such risks based upon these solutions.
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