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標題: 中國的帶路倡議與韓國之外交建議
China's Belt and Road Initiative and Korea's Possible Response
作者: 黃載皓 
Jaeho Hwang 
關鍵字: 韓國;一帶一路;文在寅政府;經濟發展;印太戰略;South Korea;Belt and Road Initiative;Moon Jae-In Government;Economic Development;Indo-Pacific Strategy
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 71, Page(s) 39-52 

Since the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, countries around the world invested much attention to the development of the initiative, in hopes of connecting with China through different ways. As the China threat theory continues to linger, the BRI has generated much suspicion, especially from the US and Japan. As a neighboring country with close economic ties with China, South Korea demonstrated considerable interest while the Moon Jae-In government hinted at the possibility of improving relations with China through increased economic interactions. Nonetheless, despite a large amount of studies and discussions inside South Korea, studies on how the foreign policy of the Moon government can connect with the initiative remains far and few. As such, this article first discusses the strategic goals and policy tools of the BRI before suggesting policies that advance the Moon government's foreign policy. Parts two and three examine the economic and strategic motivations and challenges of the BRI respectively. In the final part, the article raises some policy suggestions concerning South Korea's response to the BRI and the improvement of Korea-China relations.
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