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標題: 「新大賽局」和日本的歐亞大陸外交:論壇、元首和官方援助
The New Great Game and Japan's Eurasian Diplomacy: Forum, Leader and Official Development Assistance
作者: 劉泰廷
Tai-Ting Liu
關鍵字: 日本;新大賽局;一帶一路;地緣政治;歐亞大陸;Japan;New Great Game;Belt and Road Initiative;Geopolitics;Eurasia
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 71, Page(s) 73-93 

Corresponding to China's proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, Japan seems to have turned its attention to Eurasia again. As China pushed forward the BRI, besides balancing China through the Central Asia plus Japan dialogue, Japan has also responded with state visits, official development assistance, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation to check China's influence. This article departs from the so called "New Great Game" in Eurasia and discusses Japan's Eurasia policy. By reviewing Japan's actions in Central Asia and the Indo-Pacific regions in recent years, this article attempts to demonstrate how Japan participates in the New Great Game by adopting a strategy that emphasizes both the sea and the land. Four parts make up the article. Part one discusses the New Great Game, establishing the context for part two's discussion on Japan's Eurasia policy. Part three then discusses Japan's strategic response to the BRI. Finally, part four looks at the future prospects of Japan's international strategy.
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