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標題: 當我們談論新冠疫情的時候,我們在談論什麼?生命政治,大流行病以及全球失序的一種社會學解釋
What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Covid-19? Biopolitics, the Current Pandemic and A Sociological Approach to Global Disorder
作者: 柳昕 
Xin LiuCalvin 
關鍵字: 新冠疫情;生命政治;赤裸生命;例外國家;全球失序;Covid-19;Biopolitics;Bare Life;State of Exception;Global Disorder
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 72, Page(s) 41-61 

Covid-19 has plunged the world in deep crisis and the end of the current global disorder is unforeseeable. 'Life' is the most common utterance when people talk about the pandemic, whereas any explanation of its global-political effects by referring to deaths will be misleading if no proper conception of 'life' is postulated. Drawing upon the concept of biopolitics of Giorgio Agamben and Michel Foucault, this article will argue that Covid-19 has been framed by most state-governments as a pressing security issue that demands exceptional official measures. In mapping the genealogy of the concept of security itself, I will show that the current global imagination of Covid-19 has already deviated from the original concern about life. It is fundamentally a geo-cultural competition between China and the West as a cumulation of institutional fetishism and identity politics after the Cold War.
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