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標題: 美國在國際貨幣基金組織中話語權的生成路徑探析
An Analysis of the Generation Path of the Power of Discourse of the United States in IMF
作者: 李溪澤 
Xize Lee 
Yingtong Gao 
Lijia Tian 
關鍵字: 美國;國際貨幣基金組織;話語權;USA;IMF;Power of Discourse
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 72, Page(s) 117-140 

In today's international politics, international organizations not only build a platform for communication among countries, but also provide a place for the research and resolution of international issues. They are an important part of international actors. With the escalation of powers' tussle in international organizations, how to strive for more international discourse has become the focus of people's attention and discussion. The construction of The International Monetary Fund is a typical case that fully embodies the generation process of the dominance of financial and monetary discourse in the United States, and has important research value. Referring to Shiping Tang's broad theory of institutional change, this paper holds that the way to generate the discourse power of the United States in the construction of IMF is: to put forward new ideas of multilateralism and liberalism based on non-discrimination; A multiaspect propaganda war against Britain, its Western Allies and peripheral countries; Fight for the lead in setting the rules for the international Monetary Fund; To promulgate the International Monetary Fund agreement with the American preference as the core; A monopoly of discourse dominance within the IMF. The author hopes to take this as a starting point to provide reference for us to have a deep understanding of the right to speak in the international mechanism.
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