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標題: 射頻磁控濺鍍法沈積氧化鋁薄膜在PET基材之製備與分析
The Preparation and characterization of the aluminum oxide thin films deposited on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
作者: C.-W.Wu
關鍵字: 氧化鋁薄膜;aluminum oxide thin films;塑膠基板;可撓曲性;水氣滲透率;氣體阻隔層;plastic substrate;flexibility;Water Vapor Transmisstion Rate (WVTR);gas barrier
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
以塑膠材料作為平面顯示器的面板,不僅可以大大降低顯示器的重量及厚度,再加上塑膠材料本身具有的耐衝擊性、可撓曲性及可連續性製程的特色,使得研究可撓式塑膠平面顯示器成為目前發展的趨勢。但是使 用塑膠基板作為平面顯示器的面板要的解決重要問題就是水氣與氧氣的滲透,由於塑膠基板是無法有效抵擋水氣的滲透,容易造成內部顯示物質的損害,為了解決這個問題,通常會在塑膠基板上鍍上一層氣體阻隔層。
實驗的分析結果中得到,當沈積鍍膜條件為純氬氣的氣氛下、工作腔壓為2mtorr、射頻功率為4.9 W/cm2及鍍膜時間240分鐘時,可以得到最佳的氧化鋁薄膜性質及最低的水氣滲透率為0.564 g/m2-day,而未鍍膜的純PET基材,其水氣滲透率為7.255 g/m2-day,由實驗結果顯示,將氧化鋁薄膜沈積在PET塑膠基板上,確實可以有效阻隔水氣的滲透。

Using plastic materials as the substrate of flat panel display (FPD) can not only decrease the weight and thickness of FPD; but also widen the application of FPD because plastic materials possess unique properties, such as high impact-resistance, flexibility, and the possibility for roll-to-roll coating techniques in mass production. Therefore, it becomes a trend in the present development to study the flexibility plastic flat panel display. However the high permeation of water vapors and oxygen through polymer substrate is an important problem in the flexible FPD applications. Plastic substrate most commercially used cannot resist the transmission of water vapor, which can easily cause a great damage inside the display. To resolve this problem, gas barrier layers can be deposited a on the plastic substrate.
Aluminum oxide thin films possesses many good characteristics including the good thermal and chemical stability, the high hardness, the highly insulating capability which combined with good barrier properties, and the optical properties, in particular transparency. In this study, the Al2O3 thin film was deposited on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic substrate by mean of an rf magnetron sputtering system equipped with an Al2O3 target. The purpose is to study the ability of water-resistance of Al2O3 thin film in terms of process parameters including oxygen flow rate, chamber pressure, rf power and deposition time, expecting for application as gas barrier layer.
It showed that an excellent characteristics and minimum water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) — 0.564 g/m2-day of Al2O3 thin film was deposited when the rf power is 4.9 W/cm2, working pressure is 2 mtorr and the deposition time is 240 min under pure Argon gas. The WVTR of bare PET substrate is 7.255 g/m2-day. As a result of experiment, the deposition of Al2O3 thin film on PET plastic substrate indeed resists the water vapor transmission sufficiently.
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