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標題: Fabrication and characterization of zinc oxide nanomaterials
作者: 林天智
Lin, Tien-Chih
關鍵字: 氧化鋅;ZnO
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
One-dimensional (1-D) materials including nanowires, nanorods, and nanobelts have attracted much attention throughout the scientific world in recent years since the discovery of carbon nanotubes. It has been known that 1-D nanomaterials have various physical and chemical properties which are different from those of the bulk materials. Especially the direct band gap semiconductors, e.g. GaN, InN, TiO2, SnO2 and ZnO films have excellent optoelectronic and photochemical properties, for this reason various research groups have devoted their efforts to the research of nano-sized materials.
Here we report a novel process using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (MPE-CVD) to the direct growth of ZnO nanomaterials. The merit of this approach is the synthesis of high density and high quality ZnO nanostructures without using any form of templates and for less time. A variety of morphologies was able observed under the catalytic effect of gold.
By scanning electron microscopy we can differentiate the morphology of ZnO nano-structures materials. Energy dispersive spectrum (EDS) disclosed the chemical composition; high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and X-ray (XRD) analyses revealed the single- crystalline hexagonal wurtzite structure of the ZnO nanomaterials. Photoluminescence spectrum of the same ZnO nanostructures clearly indicated the position of the emission peaks and the associated crystalline quality in terms of the annihilations of the defects.
The goal of this research is to fabricate Ⅱ-Ⅵ semiconductor nanostructure of the zinc oxide for the nanodevices in MEMS or NEMS in the future decades of the new century.

米碳管被發現後,一維材料如奈米管(nanotubes)、奈米線(nanowires)、奈米棒(nanorods)、奈米帶(nanobelts)也非常引起注目,其中直接能隙(direct band)半導體材料更因為其在二維尺度時即有非常好的光電(optoelectronics)、光化學(photochemical)特性,所以一維奈米尺度更是受到注目及期待如氮化鎵(GaN)、氮化銦(InN)、二氧化鈦(TiO2)、二氧化錫(SnO2)、氧化鋅(ZnO),所以其奈米尺度的材料更是引起許多研究單位的興趣。
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