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標題: Determinants of the Public Health Promotion Behavior: Evidence from Repurchasing Health Foods for Improving Gastrointestinal Tract Functions
作者: Ku-Yuan Lee 
Chien-Yu Wei 
Min-Hua Wu 
Chi-Ming Hsieh 
關鍵字: health food;health belief model;perceived behavioral control;gastrointestinal functions
Researchers believe that health foods can promote health and that the consumption of health foods can e ectively help people to maintain their health. This study mainly adopted the health belief model (HBM) integrated with perceived behavioral control to investigate the repurchase behavior of consumers with regard to health foods that improve gastrointestinal functions. We obtained 550 valid questionnaires from consumers who had purchased gastrointestinal health foods and conducted structural equation modeling. Results from our analysis revealed that perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits of action, and perceived behavioral control exert a positive influence on repurchase intention and that perceived barriers of action exerts a negative influence on repurchase intention. Furthermore, repurchase intention was found to have a positive impact on repurchase behavior. The results of this study can be used as a reference for health food marketing strategies and public health behavior promotions.
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